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Why Grassfed Beef?

God provides many blessings and gifts: the air we breathe, the food we eat, the earth beneath our feet, and life itself. We believe that how we in creation should treat our gifts is a direct image of who we are, as recipients of those blessings. We find our joy in this amazing opportunity to give back to our Creator and we embrace that belief, representative in the grass-fed beef products we offer.


We are passionate about the grass pastures we grow and take pride in our Angus cattle that graze upon them. Our all-natural and finishing methods allow us to go beyond typical pasture-raised cattle, to U.S.-born, organic and 100% grass-fed Angus beef stock. We use our open pastures, never a feedlot. C&M McGinnis grassfed beef are raised free of growth hormones and antibiotics.


Our practices in the raising of grass-fed beef have made us grass finishing experts; our cattle grazing on natural grasses, slowly and patiently. The end result is authentic and natural-raised grassfed beef, that is perfectly marbled, high in nutrition, keto-friendly, tender and of course, tastes simply amazing. All of this, so that you can enjoy the great benefits of grassfed natural Angus beef


Grassfed Angus beef is much richer in color, marbling and flavor than any other common-market beef stereotypes; our calves enjoy a free-grazing diet that they were created for, from unlimited availability to their mother’s milk to grazing our pastures freely. From birth forward, our Angus calves are never exposed to growth hormones, antibiotics, or animal byproduct. Just the way it used to be. Just the way our God intended. Better than old-world; the original world.


Since testing shows grassfed beef to be lower in overall fat content, as their grass-fed diet is more natural and clean, those following a “Keto” or Ketogenic diet lifestyle will not only find our Angus grass-fed beef to be friendly to their way of eating, but an integral part. And for those who are insulin-resistant, grassfed beef as a regular staple in your diet can improve your blood glucose levels, drastically! Another note, while on the subject of Keto-friendly grass-fed beef, is that one issue suffered by some in their keto lifestyle is “Keto Flu,” or the aches and pains felt from lost electrolytes that have been flushed from your system as the body goes into ketosis. These electrolytes are chiefly :




You will be exceptionally pleased to learn that all three of these essential electrolytes are amply supplied in pasture-raised, grassfed Angus beef. Just one New York Strip cut of natural grassfed beef contains approximately 120 mg of Sodium, 50 mg of Magnesium and 730 mg of Potassium!


The choice is clear:


Choose grassfed Angus beef, from C&M McGinnis Grassfed Beef!

*Grass-fed adjective

Having been fed since weaning primarily on grasses and other forage plants rather than on grains. Used of domestic ruminant animals such as cattle or sheep.

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