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Ordering and Delivery

All of our delicious, nutritious and all-natural grass-fed beef is USDA inspected and approved, sold by the "hanging weight" for bulk sale of grass fed beef, and by-the-pound for our pre-packaged meat cuts.

Bulk sales:
We prefer that you come to our farm to veiw and select your calf. We can also select one for you.

Prepackaged Sales:

In the Greater Kansas City area, we can take phone orders by the 18th of the month, and deliver on the 21st, at a predetermined central location.

Upon preparation of your order, an e-mail will be sent to you, listing the total cost of your order, so you can prepare to have a check or cash ready at delivery.  

Call us now, at 913-757-3997 to set up your appointment!

There are two primary grassfed beef processors (Butchers) that we deal with on an ongoing basis, listed and linked below, but of course the final choice is up to you! 

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